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Curious about Why UV Light Filtration Is So Popular?


Ultraviolet germicidal lamps have been used for many years. Hospitals employ them to kill the tiniest of microbes on their equipment. We can apply this technology to your home. UV light can go where conventional cleaning methods can’t. The rays kill mold, bacteria and other harmful living organisms that can thrive in your moist, dark and dirty air ducts.

Paper and fiber filters can’t catch the smallest of organisms. That is why following up with a UV cleaning will ensure you and your family are safe. Reduce ailments like frequent headaches, asthma, snoring, congestion, flu, measles, and the common cold. Don’t leave your health to chance; call us about UV Light Cleaning today or reserve online. 

Get Rid of Paper & INstall Electrostatic Air Filters

We all used to the typical paper filters, it requires time to go to the store and off course making notes to change, if you are too late the filter will get clogged and from here the efficiency loss is pretty quick.

Say hello to Electrostatic filters ! Just wash once every six months to a year, let it dry and put back, simple as that!

  • Up to 94% resistance rate

  • Easy to wash and install

  • Lifetime Warranty



Breathe Easy Program


Breathe Easy Package

(Free consultation)

Free consultation includes:

  • Inspection Of Home Air Quality Including Furnace Supply and Return Ducts.

  • Inspection Of Furnace Filters And Main Components For Dust And Bacteria.

  • Inspection Of Crawl Space And Attic To Insure Full Air Sealing


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