Our Process


In AirGanic we are striving to achieve best results in fair pricing.

Our team will arrive to the house and introduce themselves, they will start by locating all the supply vents and return ducts, after making sure all the ducts are accessible we will locate the Furnace and the Dryer vent, after 5-10 minutes of this process we will start to work:

  • Connect our Negative pressure machine to each of the supply and return ductswhile using our 30 ft Snake brush which will loose the build up dust from the duct edges, all of the dust will go into our Negative pressure machine, No dust or debris will be pushed into the house.
  • After cleaning all the duct system we will run a full inspection on the furnace and the furnace plenum (main connection box), we know that many homeowners have their Furnace cleaned by other companies, this is why AirGanic does not include the furnace cleaning as part of the process but do include furnace inspection as part of the cleaning, this is how we keep reasonable pricing for our service and let our customer decide on after our inspection if this service is needed or not,
  • Last but not least our team will clean the Dryer vent, we will insert our snake brush through the Dryer duct outlet, while turning on the dryer to push air out our brush will loose up all the built up lint on the duct and all the lint will be pushed out, we will clean the surface with a vacuum and will assure sufficient air flow.

Our equipment:

  • Negative pressure machine (certified by NADCA) 
  • Cobra Snake Brush
  • Max Fogger - Sanitation 

All our equipment is highly maintained to assure quality,

Pictures provided by Air-Care.com.